Top 5 Reasons You Are Not Being Your True Self

Being your true self is not an objective that we can reach overnight. Although, there are some things that can limit us from being in alignment with our true selves. Here are the top 5 reasons you can connect with your true self.

You Can't Say "No"

To be in alignment with your true self, you must learn to say "no". Saying "no" is probably one of the hardest things you"ll ever have to do to ensure you are in integrity with yourself. Pay attention to when you say yes, and deep down, you don't feel like doing something. Take the courage to say "no". For example, if somebody asks you to do something for them and you don't feel it's aligned with your needs, just say that it's not a good time for you. You can also say, "no".

You Always Try to Please Others

Trying to please others is one of the most limiting behaviors you can have. When you please others, you completely forget your true self and allow others to dictate how you should behave, look, and even talk. This type of behavior is very destructive to the self, and it is pretty much acting yourself.

You Dramatize

We all have emotional triggers that tend to get us out of our true selves when we experience them. Learn to tame those emotional triggers. You can do so by going within and trying to identify the reason why you react so much to those situations. Explore how you can respond differently the next time you are exposed to an emotional trigger.

You Project on Others

It takes a long time to realize that the external world is a projection of what is happening internally. Since the external world is a pure reflection of us, it can give us a lot of information about ourselves when we take the time to observe and be aware.

You Use Negative Self-Talk

Self-talk is one of the most powerful forms of communication because it has the power to lift you up or bring you down in a matter of seconds. It is often impressive how we can be mean to ourselves. While most of us would never express hate or diminishing words toward our friends and families, yet, we let ourselves be our biggest bullies. Be aware of your negative chatter and change it to something more positive.

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