• Clanton Nashion

A side hustle you can do while active duty!

By all means this is not something that is going to make you rich over night but it'll help bring in another source of income so your not relying on that military pay check. This side project is meant to be a side project you can do all on your off time and during the weekends or whatever fits your schedule. But let's get one thing clear, they work. I know, because I've done them with a very busy schedule.

Let us jump straight into it with garage selling and buying. Basically your going to buy low and sell high for a greater profit. You are going to exploit the military's most common stages of any military personnel and that's moving, PCSing, and deployments. What's great about this is that it requires no investment in it at all. You see we all have something laying around in our house that's just collecting dust. To battle that, why not sell it? Well thanks to the internet this makes selling stuff a lot easier. All you have to do is simply follow the step by step process listed below and then you will be on your way to making a side income.

Step by step.

  1. Look for something in your house to sell (Try to sell and buy small items)

  2. Take a picture of it and post it on Facebook marketplace. (Any third party marketplace will work. I suggest Facebook because its free)

  3. Now before you spend that money go back on Facebook or google and look up "garage sales near you".

  4. Write down all garage sale address and start visiting.

  5. As you go through it's okay to ask for a lower price so you can get a better deal. Buy well thought out items that might sell.

  6. Go back home take a picture of items just bought and post them on any third party website or app. Remember to charge more for what you bought the items for. You'll be surprised of how many people forget this step.

  7. Repeat steps 1-6 over and over till you get it down.

Some other helpful tips:

-All your sells should be listed as a local sale so that your not dealing with packing and shipping. If your not comfortable with people coming to your house, I suggest meeting in big parking lot's like Walmart or Target. If you have the ability to ship than by all means go for it.

-When taking pictures remember to mention any damage or torn parts. It's always good to be honest because once you develop your footing people will know who you are and how you conduct business. Hopefully those people can leave good reviews and that'll help you further in your business.

-Always write something in the description. It can be anything from explaining a certain item and to include as much details you can. The more the better.

-All the websites listed below also offer apps you can download so you can do this just on your phone. Other third party websites or apps you can use to sell your items or product for free is:

  1. Facebook Marketplace (website)

  2. Ebay (website)

  3. Offerup (App)

  4. Friends and Family (You will be surprise how often I would simply text one of my friends and just ask them if they wanted a certain item. If not your friends have friends and sooner or later someone will reach out to you to either get a certain item or do you have a certain item then you can charge more.)

-Don't just look for garage sells sometimes you can find deals at the marketplace that your selling your items in as well. Join Facebook groups that sell stuff on a regular basis for some sweet deals. Also, join groups that put stuff on the curve out for free.

-When buying look for stuff that can be easily sold or you know you can sell. Be on the look out for collectables but most importantly do your RESEARCH.

What's great about this is this community allows you to be successful. People are always looking to get rid of their stuff and as the saying goes;

"one mans junk can be another mans treasure"-unknown

Finally, I always refer to this method when I need to make a quick cash or in need of the capital to further support my other business goals that are going through in my mind. Okay, let's be honest, I do it so I don't get an earful from the wife about how I am wasting money. Plus it gives me that extra income to try things out. All in all, you'll see how to go about it once you get the hang of this business model. It'll be the stepping stone for when you launch any future business. It'll take time and consistency, but I have a feeling you'll do great.

I hope you learn a thing or two, if not I would love some feedback. Thank you! Keep hustling!

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