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My name is Clanton Nashion

I am a Christian spiritual coach who specializes in helping individuals discover and explore their purpose, self-awareness, and the meaning of life.

Solo Trip

My Mission

Through my coaching, I assist clients in exploring their inner selves, connecting to God's presence, discerning their divine purpose, as well as recognizing the beauty and gift of life. My personal journey of discovering self-awareness, purpose, and meaning has enabled me to understand and guide my clients to reach their desired goals.


My services include one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, and online courses, as well as individualized plans tailored to the client's specific needs. My sessions are designed to bring clarity and focus through spiritual guidance that connects the client to God’s message of grace, peace, and healing.


Understanding one's purpose is key to living an abundant life full of joy, satisfaction, and connection with others. My goal as a Christian spiritual coach is to provide an avenue for self-discovery that leads to greater faith, purpose, and meaning in the universe.


If you are searching for spiritual healing, understanding, and guidance on your journey of self-discovery, then I am here to help. Together we can explore the divine meaning in life and co-create a plan that will bring joy, peace, and abundance!

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