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that leads to purposeful living.

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About Me

Clanton Nashion is the Founder of Seek Self Improvement, the emotional guy that helps people achieve their goals and dreams. Clanton is also a veteran, an author, and an inspirational speaker. 


Clanton is an introvert with an extrovert lifestyle. He struggled with life's purpose, self-awareness, and communication in his relationships. Still, He was able to work through those issues and now coaches others on how to express themselves and live a meaningful life. Clanton's three pillars in life are communication, understanding, and self-awareness - these values have helped him be the person he is today.

  • Get a coaching plan for you to start your journey to fulfillment.

    30 min
  • We work w/men to establish better relationships w/ themselves & others

    1 hr
    123 US dollars
  • Improve in all areas of life to find purpose and meaning.

    1 hr
    122 US dollars

Client Talk

What They Say

I was very skeptical at first but after going through it I actually got more than I thought I would have imagined! Let's just say I moved on and found someone who loves me for me. Thank you so much!

Hector P.

Just finished my third session in the first month and I already got a plan to meet my goals! I am very excited and can't wait to see how things turn out.

Matthew K.

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